Qualifying Summary: Silverstone

After a very successful FP1 from Proctor finishing 4th and Huff finding his feet in the Astra, then an explorative FP2 with both drivers becoming accustomed to some of the setup changes on the vehicles, the Qualifying race was the one where PMR really...

noticed the added 45kg ballast in the number 37 Vauxhall Astra due to driver substitution. 


Proctor’s Qualifying started off very promising on the dry yet cold and windy track, battling amongst the pack to climb spaces. From there, Proctor pulled forward as much as he could but struggled with oversteer, which resulted in lost speed through the corners and he qualified 30th.

“Once we correct the oversteer, we’ll be flying. We know these cars can perform; we’ve seen it. It’s just a case of making further adjustments to the car to suit the track.” – Senna Proctor, Racing Driver for PMR

Huff’s third time in the Astra, second time in the dry, resulted in serious efforts to get to the front of the pack, and with the 45kg ballast holding him back he qualified 29th.

“The car felt fantastic, it stopped when I wanted it to, turned when I wanted it to, and is all-round a nice, well balanced car. It’s so close out there, we just need to find a couple of tenths and we will be at the sharp end by the end of tomorrow,” states Rob ‘Huffy’ Huff, Step-In Racing Driver for PMR.
“My lap times were consistent despite changing my techniques but there is no reason why we can’t make our way past the rest of the pack tomorrow.”

“There was well under a second between the lap times of 1st place and 30th, which is testimony to the quality of the championship. Unfortunately that also means every mistake and every triumph is accentuated ten-fold. It’s still a very new car and we obviously have pace we need to find, which we will.” – Adam Weaver, Power Maxed Racing Vauxhall Team Principal.

PMR will be making significant adjustments and a few fine tweaks to the setup of both vehicles tonight in preparation for some intensely competitive driving during tomorrow’s races where they are still confident they can work their way to the front by Race 3.

Photo © Jakob Ebrey.

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