Incredible Results from Race Two

Race Two at Silverstone this weekend was a relatively smooth one as far as Power Maxed Racing are concerned, with very good results going into Race Three.

Senna Proctor, Racing Driver for PMR, lined up on the grid in 15th with Rob “Huffy” Huff (Step-In Driver for PMR) behind in 16th. The lights turned green and Proctor’s hard tyres spun producing little grip on the cold track. Huff pulled away easily on the standard tyre and by Lap 2 had climbed three places to 13th, whilst Proctor had dropped from 15th to 27th as he struggled to regain enough grip to fight off the other racers. 

By Lap 4, Huff had overtaken Smith whilst Proctor had dropped to 29th place but climbed up to 28th by Lap 5. In Lap 5, Huff overtook Smiley making 11th place, and Proctor had pushed forward another place to 27th, and by Lap 7 he had moved up two more places, whilst synchronously Jackson in the Shredded Wheat Ford left the race as did Moffatt in his Mercedes.

By Lap 8, Huff was in 10th place, having surpassed Whorton-Eales, with Epps in his Passat and Shedden in the Chevy in front of him in 8th and 9th, while Proctor climbed three places to 24th. Following a temporary yellow flag in sector two, no places were gained nor lost in Lap 9.

By Lap 10, Huff had made around half of the ground necessary to join the front pack, but was not close enough to make any overtakes. Meanwhile, in Lap 11, Proctor overtook Lines to make 23rd place, then took Butcher in Lap 12 to make 22nd place, with Depper and Cook blocking 20th place from view.

In Lap 15, Huff remained in 10th place, tailgating Epps in the Passat at the back of the front-most pack. Meanwhile, Proctor was shuffled back to 23rd place, only to regain 22nd in Lap 16. Huff took advantage of an opportunity in the meantime when Epps st-Epp-ed wide (#sorrynotsorry) and allowed Huff through the tight corner, putting the number 37 Astra in 9th place.

Both cars remained in these positions, each respectively putting pressure on the cars in front, until in the final lap Huff finally caused Sheddon to make enough mistakes to squeeze past him making an 8th place finish while Proctor crossed the line in 22nd place.

This is great news for the team as Huff’s driver replacement ballast of 45kg is now swapped for the 8th-finish ballast of 21kg, making for a lighter car and therefore faster straight speeds, which are particularly important on the spacious Northamptonshire track.

Better yet, the post-Race 2 Reverse Grid Draw means Huff’s Astra will start in P2. The car will be on the option tyre (hard) for the final race, as will most of the top 10 vehicles meaning the competition is well-balanced. With a lighter ballast in the vehicle and the faith that the Dunlop option tyre will show some stamina and obtain more grip throughout the race, PMR are confident that Huff will finish the day in a very strong position indeed, hopefully a podium finish.

“I enjoyed the race, took a few off the start, still finding my feet in the new car but I knew it would be strong at the end. Once I got behind Epps he began making a few mistakes and I took him, then I got past Newsham on the last lap ready for the grid reversal which worked out really well. Looking forward to Race Three.” – Rob “Huffy” Huff, Step-In Driver for PMR

With Senna back on the standard tyre, he too will be able to gain some significant places as most of the track will be using the harder tyre for this final race. Keep a look out for the race review this evening which will summarise all races; it’s bound to be exciting.

Photo © Jakob Ebrey.

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