Custom DNA Octane Motorsport Remap - Petrol

Custom DNA Octane Motorsport Remap - Petrol

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DNA Octane Motorsport have worked with us from the inception of the team, and formed the backbone of our original PMR Tuning platform.

DNA Octane Motorsport is a UK-based company with more than 20 years experience in engine file tuning. In fact, they were one of the first people in the UK to start electronic engine tuning, and have written tuning files for some of the largest worldwide tuning houses.

All our remaps are written to the customer's exacting specification, to suit their requirements. Unlike the vast majority of engine tuners, DNA Octane Motorsport do not simply send a generic file for the customer's car-instead, they work on the original file extracted from the car, utilising their years of experiences to produce the suitable remap safely and efficiently.

Remapping your road, track or race performance vehicle is an absolute must when fitting upgraded components, and can see power increases of more up to 25%, along with increased throttle response, driveability and fuel consumption.

All remaps are performed at our Warwickshire race workshop.

Please contact us to see what performance gains we could extract from your vehicle.

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