Technical Partnership between PMR and Zircotec Group continues into 2019

Sterling Insurance with Power Maxed Racing have today announced the continuation of their Technical Partnership with heat management experts, Zircotec. The Abingdon-based company have been working closely with the factory Vauxhall-outfit on their intensive development programme through the winter, with a number of joint-projects already well-underway between them.

Extensive data gathered throughout both last season and the current pre-season tests have shown Zircotec’s world-class coating, used by Swindon on every one of their TOCA powerplants, gives a sustained 33% reduction in peak temperatures. The partners are currently focusing on Zircotec’s innovative and highly efficient heatshielding technologies, and their effect in high-level motorsport.

Zircotec Sales Director, Graeme Barrette: “2018 with Power Maxed Racing was incredibly useful to us, and gave us the opportunity to gather real-world data within one of the world’s most competitive forms of motorsport. When fighting for 1000ths of a second, it’s important that every variable is accounted for, and the thoroughness of the data gathered gives our engineers the opportunity to ensure Zircotec products are the best they can possibly be; something that is incredibly important at this level of motorsport.”

Sterling Insurance with Power Maxed Racing Team Manager, Martin Broadhurst: “Working with Zircotec last year was a fantastic opportunity for us as such a young team, and is a partnership that has benefited us massively. We’ve worked extensively with them throughout the winter break, and from test data we’ve gathered that their components and ideas have really helped us with not only the heat management in the engine bay, but also the heat soak into the cabin from the exhaust, which will benefit the drivers massively on hot days. We’re looking forward to working with them into the future.”