Track Car Preparation

Who better to build your track car alongside you than an experienced & respected team at the highest level of British motorsport?

We work closely with all our customers, to ensure that not only are they getting what they want from their track car, but what they need. Historically, track day cars don't receive the same level of mechanical attention as their more competitive cousins, and so need to be built to be more resiliant.

Track car preparation can encompass many different options, from light modifications to a full blown race-spec build:

  • Design & fabrication of rollcage to FIA specification
  • Seam welding & chassis stiffening
  • Supply & fit of Zircotec heat management products, which can drastically reduce intake & exhaust temperatures, improving performance, as well as improving cabin temperatures
  • Supply & fit fuel cell, including any necessary swirl pots etc
  • Supply & fit of FIA specification MotorDrive bucket seat & harnesses
  • Supply and fit of Varley Red Top battery, giving better balance & weight distribution, improving car handling
  • Supply of KW Motorsport dampers, including setup
  • Service & setup of existing adjustable dampers
  • Full car setup, including corner weighting and caster/camber to spec
  • Engine & performance tuning
  • Supply & fit of SuperPro suspension bushes & engine mounts
  • Supply & fit of AP Racing brake setups, for increased performance