Race & Track Car Services

Race Car Design & Build

From the drawing board to the track, PMR have designed, built and successfully campaigned numerous cars in multiple championships. In fact, the design and build of the current NGTC specification BTCC Vauxhall Astras was all carried out under the roof of their Warwickshire-based Race Shop.

Utilising the latest Autodesk software, their highly experienced Design Team can work alongside clients to ensure that not only does their idea take shape as a competitive chassis, but that everything around it, from suspension to air ducting, is up to the highest standard.

Component & Chassis Fabrication

Whether it's a one off or prototype motorsport part, or a number of custom built components built from an in-house-designed jig, PMR have the capacity and knowledge to work at any volume. Having managed fabrication projects on many scales, including a number of bespoke exhaust projects for a renowned specialist vehicle builder, the team at PMR can deliver to the highest standards and to tight timescales.

Race Car Suspension

With decades of combined experience in suspension & dynamic setups, PMR's engineers are some of the most experienced within motorsport, having been involved in multiple top-level championships. Using a vast array of in-house equipment, PMR can offer:

- Basic wheel alignment, from factory to custom specs. Whether on a road car, track car or race car, these can be provided by the customer, or recommended by PMR after consultation

- Full setup of camber, caster and toe (dependent on vehicle and suspension), following consultation and simulation to customers' specifications

- Total bespoke setup; using PMR's in house Roehrig Damper Dyno, PMR can fine tune customers' existing damper setups for optimum performance, or create a totally custom setup. Long term technical relationships with companies like Eibach and SuperPro mean PMR only use the best products, and with the company's extensive knowledge base, the combination is unbeatable.

Battery Relocation

PMR understand all about the importance of weight and balance when building a race or track car. A fundamental that many people overlook is the weight and location of their battery. PMR will asses your track or race car and setup for the optimum battery location, ensuring that not only is the weight as balanced as possible, but that a battery appropriate for the vehicle's use is used.

PMR work closely with DMS Technologies, manufacturers of the world famous Varley Red Top motorsport battery, used on the BTCC Astras, so customers can be sure that they're optimising their car's performance to the max, whilst getting the best deal.

Performance Shop

PMR have worked hard to form long standing technical relationships with some of the World's most respected performance aftermarket performance manufacturers, including PWR, ITG and Eibach. When building race winning cars, only the best will do, and PMR don't believe in selling the customers something they wouldn't use themselves. Every manufacturer represented within PMR's online shop plays a part in multiple race campaigns, so you can be sure it will work as it should.

Any customer that wishes to have purchased parts fitted to their car by PMR can rest easy in the knowledge that the team of experienced mechanics working on their pride and joy are the very people that build and maintain race winning BTCC cars.

Motorsport Marketing

As a front running team in the UK's most popular form of motorsport, PMR have a visibility almost unmatched within the UK. With almost 20,000,000 watching the BTCC last year live on ITV, and as the only free-to-air motorsport now available within the UK, numbers are set to be even higher this year.

Motorsport marketing is a great way to have your brand seen by millions, whilst entertaining clients in PMR's excluisve hospitality area, in the midst of on of the most exciting sports on earth.

There are almost limitless options to what PMR can do for your business; whether it's B2B, B2C or just networking, and there are options to suit all budgets.