Race Car & Race Day Trackside Support

PMR have an illustrious pedigree when it comes to managing race programmes, both in house & for customer racing. Our staff have worked at the highest levels of motorsport, from WRC to F1, and know how to put together a properly structured programme.

Whether you're looking for someone to prepare your car for you to run at an event, or a fully structured "arrive & drive" programme, we can ensure you get exactly what you want:

  • Pre-event setup, including full check over of the car, suspension setup and repair/replacement of any components where necessary. This means that you can go out on track knowing your car is safe and has been setup professionally
  • Trackside Support Programme - this can cover all manner of options; from tyre logging & post-race debrief, to a full arrive & drive programmes, where we take care of everything from vehicle transportation to staff accomodation. Having PMR by your side trackside gives you complete confidence that both you and your car are ready for whatever gets thrown your way
  • Post-event services includes everything after a race, and is ideally paired with pre-event setup. This means that not only will your car be stripped down and checked for any invisible damage, but that you'll receive a full post-event debrief, inclduing data traces and performance pointers
  • PMR work closely with LifeCheck to run a full lifeing programme on our cars. This means that we know at all times how many hours/distance any part of your race car has covered, minimising any mechanical failures that can ruin a race weekend, and ensuring optimum performance consistently
  • Full commercial support, including sponsorship, media access and engagement can be managed by PMR's experienced and proactive Commercial Team, ensuring your sponsors branding is highly visible in print, on social media & trackside