PMR and Zircotec Technical Partnership goes to the next level

Power Maxed Racing have today announced that their technical partnership with Zircotec Group, thermal management experts, will continue with the added benefit of Zircotec’s enhanced performance heat shielding expertise to take the partnership to the next level.

The partnership for the 2020 season will provide a platform for Zircotec to develop new products and solutions for motorsport whilst Power Maxed Racing gain an essential advantage over their competition, where 1000ths of a second can be the difference between winning and losing.

Power Maxed Racing Team Manager, Martin Broadhurst said, “Zircotec has been an integral and incredibly important part of our programme for the past 2 years, and in that time their products and expertise have proved invaluable to our results and growth. We’ve worked closely with them on utilising their F1-derived technology as part of our ongoing programme, ensuring optimum performance gain whilst remaining within the BTCC championship regulations. Their knowledge of heat management is second to none, and together we’ve developed some innovative and efficient ideas to combat heat related issues whilst on the track.”

“Continuing our technical partnership with Power Maxed Racing allows us to gather more real-world data for our performance heat shielding this season,” said Zircotec’s Sales Director, Graeme Barette, “However, we’ve expanded this department with a leading specialist design engineer who has extensive knowledge within F1, motorsports and OEM heat shielding design, and as Power Maxed Racing has secured what is statistically their best driver pairing to date, with an amazing team behind them, this is a real opportunity to maximise and measure the benefits of what is essentially F1 technology within BTCC.”

Extensive data gathered throughout previous seasons have proven Zircotec’s world class coating, used by Swindon Powertrain on every one of their TOCA powerplants, gives a sustained 33% reduction in peak temperatures.