PMR Announce Technology Partnership with Amshire Solutions

Power Maxed Racing have today announced their partnership with IT Security & Infrastructure specialists, Amshire

Amshire will be working alongside Power Maxed Racing to ensure the infrastructure at their Warwickshire site is up-to-date and running the latest software whilst ensuring networks are totally secure. Amshire have deployed the latest infrastructure to ensure an efficient and effective working environment is maintained and monitored whilst providing secure access for users regardless of geographical location. 

The Stockport-based IT company are also working with the factory-Vauxhall outfit to create a bespoke and highly-secure trackside network solution, which will enable the team’s engineers to share data wirelessly and safely, without the risk of anyone intercepting valuable in-car data and telemetry. 

Martin Broadhurst, PMR Team Manager – “Data from the cars is one of our most important assets, both trackside and when back at base. Having spoken to Amshire at length, we are supremely confident in their abilities to deliver us exactly the solution we need, when we need it. Security is paramount to us when discussing car settings and designs, and the solution they’re able to provide gives us complete reassurance in their abilities to manage both our information and our intellectual property.” 

Dave Taylor, Amshire’s Managing Director – “It’s a fantastic opportunity to be working with PMR.  Right from the initial discussion it was clear Amshire could dramatically improve the IT Security for PMR.  Knowing the sensitivities of data and having reviewed PMR’s existing infrastructure at base and during a race weekend we’ve developed a bespoke plan to monitor and secure their systems, data and Users without impacting the day to day operations of PMR.” 


About Amshire: 

Amshire Solutions is an innovative and rapidly growing Managed IT Partner based in Stockport that wants to help you grow your business.  We are your virtual in-house IT Department who focus on protecting your systems and your data.  You can also contact whenever you have questions or issues even if you’re not sure their IT related.  We help guide you through all the IT jargon and put it in plain English so you can make an informed decision.  The key to everything we do is to help you to Secure your business and your data. 

Our experienced Support Team have got tens of years of experience and have passed numerous recognised IT industry exams.  Amshire work with some of the largest names within the technology sector such as Microsoft, Dell, HP, WatchGuard, Cisco, StorageCraft, Duo, VMware and Datto