Motorsport Services

Race Car Preparation & Engineering

When you're looking to build or develop a race car, it's hard to know who to turn to. PMR have a wealth of experience in every aspect for race car preparation; from initial design and concept of bespoke race cars, to repair and pre-event preparation, we have the capability to manage the programme in-house.

Race Car & Race Day Trackside Support

Once your race car is built, the real fun begins. But who can you trust to manage your race programme?

PMR have successfully campaigned cars for clients in multiple disciplines, and from pre-race preparation, to full trackside support, have the knowledge and infrastructure to deliver consistent results, leaving you to enjoy the racing.

Track Car Preparation

Thousands of enthusiasts enjoy public & private track days, but to go fast on track you need the right equipment. We apply the same care to building a track car as we do to multi-million pound race cars; whether it's rollcage design & fabrication or battery relocation, the principles are the same.

Track Car & Track Day Support

Like race cars, track cars undergo some serious punishment, so it's incredibly important to ensure the car is safe and properly set up before venturing onto the track.

From Pre-Event Preparation, through trackside support, to a full strip down post event, PMR have a full range of options to suit all levels and budgets.

Road Car Preparation & Tuning

For some, even the best performing road car isn't quite enough.

For those people, PMR offer a full compliment of aftermarket performance products, all from manufacturers we run on our race cars, alongside in-house custom tuning and remaps.

Suspension Servicing & Setup

Using our in house damper dyno, supported by more than 20 years experience in suspension engineering, our Dynamics Engineers can offer rebuild and tuning setups for all popular manufacturers.

We are also an approved KW Motorsport Centre, meaning we offer a full consultancy and setup service on KW's Premium Motorsport range.

Marketing Services

With a tangible history of highly successful marketing campaigns based around motorsport, PMR have a vast wealth of experience in providing fantastic ROI, engagement campaigns beloved by fans and structured commercial programmes visible to millions.